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Dj a'De

At first view, you might think that he has nothing to say, but appearances are deceptive.Tactful, funny and maybe sometimes looking too serious, but a'De is the person on whom you can always rely on.

In my parents' home there was always music..., therefore it's understandable why a'De has chosen the music path, and moreover, he always felt that music means more than just tempo. So this is how he started to listen to a large variety of music.One could state that when he discovered electronic music, his life changed completely.

Years of music culture were starting to show off their contribution and as time went by, a'De gets hired at a local radio station, where he enriches more his musical background.For a while he produces the radio show "Soft Music" where he gets in contact with chillout and ambiental music.From here, some amazing years begin to enfold... [for me] radio will always be my first love. There were some nice years in which I had the opportunity to meet some fantastic people..., a'De states.

From this point to the moment of becoming a DJ, all that was needed was one step, a great and yet difficult step to take.To put it this way, I was lucky because I met a great DJ, his name is Paul. I was his disciple for a long time and yes, when it comes to DJ-ing, I owe everything to him. I remember a funny moment from the beginning of those times. I was in a club from Bucharest, Paul was mixing and I was taking notice of everything that he was doing and also to what was going on around him. At some point, Paul asked me - "Do you know what this button is for?" My answer came quickly, I was very sure about myself and I said - "Yes, I do know!" He was referring to the CUE player button and this is how it all started.

Two other DJs, Marius and Ionut, also had a great influence on a'De and he is very grateful to them both.

Years went by and meanwhile, a'De took a small break from DJing, focusing more on his job, this time in MTV Romania. At the starting of 2006, his musical style changes in a big way and he focuses on Tech House, Progressive, Deep House and Techno-Tech, basically the music zone where he always wanted to be in. Most probably I've experienced the greatest feelings while playing music to so many people. It's more than just an interesting experience, you realize it's only you, the music and the people and you all become as ONE.

Then he becomes a resident DJ for some big and not so big clubs. In the spring of 2008 he joins the team of the resident DJs belonging to the online radio Citybeat Radio (from UK) and he begins to mix music within "The Vibes 1.0" show. His guests were: Darin Epsilon, Andy B, Dandi & Ugo, Flavio Dias, Hagen [B], the incredible Jon Moyer, NoiDoi, Parov Stelar, Tagtraeumer, The Model and many more.

Today, for a'De, DJing is more than just a passion and his DJ style starts from chillout, goes through deep-house, tech-house and many other fusions, progressive-house and techno, and ends up with trance, a style which he discovered due to DJ Fable, while a'De was mixing for Citybeat Radio.

Website :

The Vibes 1.0 with a’De and Guests

Vineri : 19.00 – 21.00 (17.00 – 19.00 GMT)

(Reluare) Marti : 21.00 – 23.00 (19.00 – 21.00 GMT)

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