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Born in in Buenos Aires, Argentina , Max Speier aka DJ Maxitronichas always loved music. During his childhood years it was disco and rock&later on jazz and acid jazz, finally with the influence of artists like Ian Pooley, Kevin Yost, and Miguel Migs, he found his home in house music specially Deep & Soulful House. Mixing and DJ-ingstarted for him just for his own fun.. “After years of listening to other guys putting it together I said to myself …I just want to like all the tracks played not just some of them..that’s how it all started “, it was a one way journey. His genres are mainly Deep & Soulful with touches of House , Indie and Funky house . This South-American DJ will take you to the Sexiest& Grooviest musical journeys. Enjoy the music ! Welcome to his show : “The groove Factory” . ,

The Groove Factory

ON-Air Wednesday : (Buenos Aires 10.00-11.00 /17.00-18.00 EET/11.00-12.00 EST/16.00-17.00CET/15.00-16.00 GMT/15.00-16.00 WET)

(Rerun) Saturday : (Buenos Aires 09.00-10.00/16.00-17.00 EET/10.00-11.00 EST/15.00-16.00 CET/14.00-15.00 GMT/14.00-15.00 WET)

Christian Lepah

Christian LePah was born on the 5-th February 1981 in Bucharest, Romania. He discovered his passion for sound at the age of 9 after he saw his father fixing an amplifier. His father shared the same passion for sound himself and was an inspiration for his son in the years that followed. At the age of 19 Christian would entertain the audience for the first time at a party in Bucharest. His will of playing music not only for himself but also for the people would take him to famous clubs in Bucharest such as Tzs Cotton Club, Bamboo, The Office Bucharest, The Office Lounge Mamaia and would also become a resident in these places. He developed a certain technique as a DJ playing classic disco, classic house, latin house and improved it over the years playing deep house and tech house. Artists like Cerrone, Jamie Lewis, Louie Vega, Dennis Ferrer had a great influence on him being a source of inspiration in his mixes. In the past few years he went from classic style to the undergroung style being inspired by artists like Loco Dice, Marco Carola and Luciano. When asked in an interview which one suites him the best he answered that these are two different sides of his artistic structure which cannot be compared or chosen one over the other.

Shelli Diego

From Virginia (US), with a musical upbringing and background, DJ Shelli Diego acquired a passion for music very early. At the tender age of 6, Shelli picked up her first record, and spun it for her family at a gathering, and has been spinning every since. Picking up instruments to play such as the guitar and bass, and piano thereafter. As a bedroom dj, starting off 15 years ago, the passion for house music had manifested itself enormously. Not only embarking on the djing side of the arena, but also production, remixing, and mashing as well. Influenced by almost every genre of music, the passion is for deep, soulful, and afro deep house. Driven by hypnotic tribal rhythms and gritty deep bottom bass sounds, while incorporating a signature beat manipulation technique, Shelli delivers intense energy within her infectious and sexy deep soulful house sets. Whether playing to an intimate or massive crowd, Shelli professes that her goal is to free your mind and satisfy your deep and soulful house hunger.

PUSH PLAY with Shelli Diego (Sunday 12.00-13.00 / 10.00-11.00 GMT)

Luis del Villar

The biggest virtual Beach Club.... Close your eyes and imagine you are in a Bali bed drinking cold champagne and eating fresh fruits while sunbathing..... We put the music for this moments......"With 14 years I had a radio program where I used to list Shalamar, The Whispers, D-Train Williams, Gap Band, Midnight Star and all that great generation of Funk sound in the early 80's. I was at the right time to receive the impact of Chicago teacher's. " In that way begins the musical career of this dj, educated in the original funk and house school. From the earliest records that came from the state of Illinois to today, keeping the most elegant, warm and vocal way of house music. His long stay in Barcelona clubs make him as a solid value for any cabin when the level of demand is high. Since the beggining at Pacha Sitges in 1992 until the most glamorous evenings of Barcelona City Hall in 2008, he had played thousands of hours and thousands of songs in over 20 years of work. Currently shareing residence with Florian Gasperini and Dwayne G in clubs like CDLC, Roxy Blue, Budha Bar and other fine places. As a producer since 1999, he has accumulated more than forty referencex, including singles and albums. He is the creator of the soundtrack for TV program "Survivor" (Vale / Universal) in its Spanish edition. He has participated in numerous editions of the Spanish Chill-Ambient (Cassagrande Records) and is co-creator of the album Dali Chill-out (Vale / Universal), in honor of the great artist. In 2002, achieved the number 1 in Spain in lists with the track "Night people" (Vale / Universal) under aka The Cat & Mr. Cool. Feat John-Pierre-Linda and get the song in more than twenty compilations with half a million records sold. "Night People" and the follow up "Number One" was published by International UMM with broad impact and licenses worldwide.

Ibiza Sensations by Luis del Villar

Sambata : 11.00 – 12.00 / 09.00 - 10.00 Gmt

The Remix Label

The Remix Label is the inspiring leader that releases worldwide the undiscovered production potential thru remixing. Seeking upcoming talent from each country to remix creative projects for release and enjoy the music journey together. Hope you'll fully enjoy the inspiring beach music all day long in all minimal, deep, tech variations!.

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